Innovation of wind chimes

Source: Wuyi Pingju Metal Ceaft-making Co.,Ltd.Release time: 2019-08-16

Bells are everywhere in the world, not only in art creation is becoming more and more new, more attempts in recent years in wind chimes "musical performance, but this is the result of China's" realm of wind bells, may in Japan is popular all over the world, it is one of Japan's summer along on behalf of the content of the poem, has the wind and cool and refreshing, in the summer in type building door eaves hang a string of bells, Cool wind, listen to its sound can let the people quiet, refreshing, is a common decoration in the family, because of the symbol of good luck, often with local characteristics of the mascot shape; Windbell in Japan is also widely used in the temple for praying peace, meet a sacrificial ceremony, hang wind chimes, the image of a prayer item bells outside, lies in the modelling and voice, also can say is the art and music, in modern generally regard it as decoration, what check its "ancient meaning" efforts to extend its principle, and creative, "Wind chimes" can be a very interesting and promising object.