Method of making wind chimes

Source: Wuyi Pingju Metal Ceaft-making Co.,Ltd.Release time: 2019-08-16

Wind chimes are small ornaments that many people like, a string of wind chimes hanging from the window, breeze stroke, ringing, ringing, room so much naughtiness and children's fun. And this string of wind chimes or you personally made, is not more a bit warm?


Prepare materials: shells, cork pads, small stones, ping-pong balls, paint


1. Glue the shell to the cotton thread.

2. Cut a cork pad into a circle and string the sticky shells onto the cork.

3. Thread the cotton thread through the cork, glue on a small stone, and fix it;

4. Paint the cork and ping-pong ball with color;

5. String ping-pong balls and some small ornaments or glue them to cork, hang them up, and then listen to the legends in the wind.

Method 2

1. First of all, imagine the decorations that wind chimes need, such as big sky blue clouds, lovely yellow bees, pink butterflies, and green apple trees. First cut all the nonwoven cloth in these shapes. After 2 pieces of cloud were cut, the 2 pieces were sewn together. During the sewn process, the 2 pieces were filled with cloud cotton and sewn again.

2. Use the same method to create a beautiful flower with a rounded center. During the suture process, fill with cloud cotton and make 4 pieces in total. Do the same for apple trees.

3. Next is the lovely little bee, cut a good yellow body, black stripes, eyes, don't forget the white small wings, and then 2 pieces of suture, also stuffed into the cloud silk cotton, do 4.

4. Butterflies do the same.

5. So, all the decorations are complete.

6. Connect beautiful little butterflies, clouds, bees, apple trees and flowers with transparent string and you're done!